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Parenthood is an amazing and exciting time, whether you are thinking about starting a family or already onto your 3rd child. However finding amazing things that make life easier online is always a challenge. 

My partner and I had the same problem when we were getting ready for our girls

He and I were working in start-ups when we realized that we wanted to bring kids into our lives. The only problem was that we had no idea who to trust. We spent countless hours online comparing products and websites, checking return policies, and generally worrying about the store’s photoshop skills. 

 That’s why we are so passionate about SaltyCake. We know how important it is to find a brand you can trust, that is why we tested every item on our website. 

We knew that the only way to ensure high quality products was to use them in the most high pressure situations we could think of,
we let our wives test them :-).

We then asked ourselves the same question we had about the other online shops “why would our customers trust some random people on the internet?” That’s why we decided to guarantee your satisfaction or we will refund your money, no matter the reason, no questions asked!  

Two fathers
Founders of SaltyCake

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GreyBlackTurquoiseDark BlueBlue PurpleBaby-BluePeachRed
Pofunuo Diaper Backpack


"I love how functional and fashionable my backpack is. I love that my bag makes me feel good when I’m carrying it, but also that I can get into it and find what I need so quickly!

It’s the best bag to have with kids because it wears well and you will be able to use it for years even after baby!!"

Mary Z.

"My Pofunuo has been with me through my first kid during last year, and now I'm expecting my 2nd one. It goes with me everywhere. It is super easy to clean, stylish, and has held up great over the years. I look forward to using it as my personal bag when my kids get older, it is just that good!" 

Shailene B.


We’ve all had that naive idea to take a short walk with the baby around the block and then, all of the sudden, it’s the end of the day and the two of you have been out from sunrise to sunset.You need a stylish bag that will keep up with the unpredictability of every day. 

Something that is beautifully organized so that you can find whatever you need right when you need it. 

That way, when your baby decides to go #2 while you are in the middle of your adventure, you will be fine without a changing table.


This great bag is the perfect combination of style and durability. It is an utter lifesaver and will be everything you’ve ever wanted (okay, not everything, but it’s close). 

 Each one of our bags has been carefully build based on the very critical feedback that our wives gave us. 


Our parents always said that babies can tell when you are the least prepared to change a diaper, and unfortunately, our parents are always right. 

That’s why our backpack has 7 easy to access pockets. 

The bag’s organization is designed so you will be able to find everything you need, even in the dark. 


Have you ever gotten your fingers stuck while either taking off or putting the baby bag onto the stroller? 

When you are on the move, you need something that will attach and detach easily from your stroller. 

That’s why we combined Heavy Duty Scotch Stripes with easy to use clips which work with any stroller, no matter what brand, guaranteed! 


Our beautiful bag is much more than just a pretty face.It is made from 600D Polyester, which is an industrial grade, waterproof, lightweight material. 

 Even the stitches were sewn with heavy duty synthetic threads in order to be the most durable bag on the market. 

Our stunning bag will be able to keep up with your daily schedule for a very long time.  


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GreyBlackTurquoiseDark BlueBlue PurpleBaby-BluePeachRed
Pofunuo Diaper Backpack